Monday 5/16/2016 02:05:00 AM

it starts without warning. parameters of skin fluctuate. a consensual isotope. a vague bit of rain in a long pattern of thunderstorms. we are stranded. drawn like lazy needles from the monster's trembling arm. a fever of pathos working its sickness on simple gods.

he was missing. as he tended to be. a parable of indeterminate morality. he shot the tortoise and skinned the hare. trying desperately not to want to win.

old came and went. abandoned rest stops on an unkempt highway. the map made its own plans. places took him. like weak medicine. a paradox of sickness. as much cure as it is infection.

she wandered. as lost always suited her. she found everything. except herself. hopelessly tethered to the sun.

it's a pattern. the scope of how. the brittle of when. dispensing flesh in doses. collecting miles like medicine.

the practical apocalypse. in the smallest conditions.

she finds the end of the world. it's not far at all.

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