Thursday 4/07/2016 11:18:00 PM

it breaks in the way that all fractions do. haughtily. distlled, cold against the deep bruise of gravity. pouting corners. nervous science. quivering bridges. though the water below is unmoved.

nothing drowns. nor floats. wrinkles in the moment color us in. thieves in top hats and pistols. preparing for the end of the world.

she whispers to the darkness. in words only it can understand. the moment erupts. full of claws and kisses. reticent monsters tying knots in the wind.

the end confesses. guilty for all the obvious reasons. flesh like wagers. and blood like sober. the world ends in little cuts. and lingering poisons.

the stifle of hope as it pretends to know us. little thieves in big boots. chasing expiring promises.

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