Thursday 4/21/2016 01:07:00 AM

the road speaks. without words. just distance. a broken voice. a spent pistol. the clarity of poison. as it clenches upon stray moments. gnarled fingers cheating a smile in the face of a callous wind.

incredulous travellers worn by their path. solved by the force of gravity.

the climb lingers. a gracious wick. infatuated with the flame that burns it.

the journey whispers. in its low voice. secrets hardly kept. spoiled ironies and the stab of forever. as it rapidly approaches. in the wake of an arrogant surrender.

the obvious words. the stumbling breath. as the descent yawns to swallow us. orphaned puzzle pieces flirting with images they'll never be.

small lies blunt the corners. as the edges begin to sharpen.

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