Tuesday 2/23/2016 01:31:00 AM

take the distance. take it like stale medicine. bite down. swallow hard. or else be taken by it instead.

it's far. it always is. no matter how close you get. that's the paradox.

the miles bleed. the distance scabs. the wounds  chatter underfoot. stories to tell. I go. Am gone.

such as the war is dependent upon the soldier. to be content to kill.

the moment tightens. a hesitant corkscrew. the rope stiffens. a reluctant noose. the knot unravels. the time machine chokes. on the end of the world.

the map is spent. like currency. a wealth of places on which to wager our panic. we drown in broken crayons and missing erasers.

tasting each intersection. in needles and pins.

gravity in big bites.

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