Monday 2/29/2016 02:33:00 AM

softer maniacs. counting doors. in the sloping revelations of mice and men. the stubborn geometry blisters. the stilted triumph stumbles closer. there is no truth. only these limping moments. as we slouch our way toward decimated edens.

the hunger evolves. the thirst is paramount. an infinity of angles. every moment spent. ambitious soldiers fighting a pauper's war.

the lingering thieves. fractions consider the epiphany of how. low bridges over deep water. the moment stretches. flesh chooses its equilibrium.

the feather falls inside its vacuum. gravity whispers. yet we all fall the same. victim's of science's vanity. and the ugly sobriety of predators.

the shout of the hunt. the simmer of the wait. skin curdles. and the bones we are left with are hardly enough.

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