Friday 2/12/2016 12:12:00 AM

the edge of the world spent her. like tarnished pennies. time made its pencil marks. drawing loudly in the darkness. broken lines. colorless thieves. stealing nothing of consequence. tall ladders. choke on the height. the snicker of gravity in every step.

deep wells measure light in fractions. in memories of the surface. the relativity of sight. in echoes of the depth. the usual culprits.

the aptitude of flesh. in footsteps and rain. the chew of skin. as the skeleton bites down. the sweat of kings. in a feast of panic. choices like a fever.

temptation's sour catalyst. wrinkled scarecrows and expired poisons. clutch the math. divisions of how. draw their imperfect maps. in dead skin.

tender monsters on the fulcrum of when.

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