Saturday 1/16/2016 02:23:00 AM

obvious poisons. persistant gravity. a marathon of skin. all discarded dolls and broken zippers.

the distance chases her. a marathon of inches. the crippled anatomy of surrender. all missing ink and empty pages.  the quiet thunder of abundant storms. like melting ice in the ocean.

the monsters moved her. in slender needles. simple villains shuffle their victims like cards. the curious wagers of poets and madmen.

the entropy was patient. all pebbles and hopscotch. as gravity tighened its fist.

her body conceded to the determined poisons of stubborn men. thieves much louder than i remember.

time spends its commodities freely. the callous mortgage of moments. the desperate collateral of touch. the false promise of equity. a deepening debt. hungrily swallowing each of us.

such is our inevitable winter. torn pockets in their soiled dresses. abundant with the void. crippled monsters counting backward from forever. the abundant paradoxes of human skin. as timid as they are aggressive.

the surface is frozen. the time machine is eager. we press the buttons and wait for the cold  to overcome.

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