Sunday 12/06/2015 11:55:00 PM

distant corners. adjacent soldiers. the road crumbles. a patient tyrant with more colors than canvas.

yellow geometry. shredded paper and burnt resolve. all the uselss machines that promise change. and the arrogant pilots that fly them too close to the sun.

silver thieves. lead ladders. the war pauses. to remember the soil. to peek through the curtains. to calculate the severity of sober.

the flesh is a stage. every touch an actor upon it pacing.

no measure of how far. only what's gone. is. was. and the chasm between them. still the distance is constant. the journey never over.

the signs forget. paper oceans. typical thieves. drown again.

obvious skin. broken bones. a marathon of surrender.

louder stiill. as the whisper insists. a fury of corners. a chaos of steps. as the angles convince.

the humble map. the arrogant bridge.

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