Sunday 11/15/2015 11:55:00 PM

pauses become permanent. the angry goblins work their blades inside her thoughts. the blood listens. with missing eyes and empty fists. a suicide of bridges. and the barren ritual of seldom skin. knives on the glass. leeches to the virus.

poison apples. lingering scars. eventual endings.

manic patrons. the shimmering glass. her voice antonyms. her future prepositions.

the tools. the helical threads. a gasping utopia on the fringes of her breath. paper dolls. plastic dresses. and the void in the interim. blind hunters cradle their bullets. lazy fables accumulate their panic. a confederation of orphans flaunting their stale religions.

the overt wind. the subtle context. the centrifugal poetry of momentum.

one foot. then the next. and so on. the missing ladder. the measured depth. the internal harvest. the window intact. . the impatient gravity of lovers, particles and pragmatists.

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