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Distance Over Time
Sunday 10/04/2015 11:53:00 PM

it rained and she wondered if the weather ever wanted. like we do. helpless shadows on the verge of oblivion. stones in the wind. pissing gravity. vomiting distance.

like the little lies and the big ones. all of them spending us.

the quiet water. listening as we decay. burnt matchsticks consumed by their flame.

the impatient wind leads her onward. bridges of skin and bone take us. hollow cocoons.

lost draws every map we follow. surrender sings every song we dance to.

she was travelling. or remembering how it was. letting the steps take her. the magnificent epiphany of defeat devouring the future.

she was chasing the clouds. or being chased by them. the difference negligible. withered lovers in the void between touches. the futility of words erupting.

the empty sidewalk. the tentative expense. liars and predators ripening sweetly in the fitful collapse of broken hearts.

she wasn't counting, but she knew how far.


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