Monday 8/31/2015 11:51:00 PM

it isn't that way anymore.

 a catastrophe of truth. like confetti shouting at the wind. fickle and preposterous.

it's different. impossible. the delicate distance between casual and intimate. loud and ignorant. immense.

temporary villains. on sparse ladders. in their usual skins. the hours flat.  the distance vacant. the depth unconvinced. except for the stubborn witness of gravity. an epidemic of choices. as contagious as they are impotent.

a vaccine of sickness.

it's simple now. this void is. a stab of skin. a flush of faces. empty magic tricks done too quickly.

there was something. long ago. a percussion of moments. a feeble rhythm that failed us. the arrogant road. the hunble traveller. a quiet ceremony of surrender.

a story. a stranger. the thief within. swelling. biting. feasting on the famine.

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