Sunday 8/16/2015 11:48:00 PM

it was yellow with want. the color of an anxious world. so softly sudden. and callously lost. bright raindrops in the cut of the sun. the traffic stopped. idled listlessly. burnt branches on a disfigured tree. the careless road map of lovers and thieves.

the miles took her. a harvest of flesh. their hunger loud. quivering fists in fractions of epiphany.  the road swallowed her up. like so much meat. a confection of bone and blood. a lie that doesn't know it is.

it was sparse with temptation. just barely enough. she sunk into the enormity of  world. like thick blankets. to let them smother her.

angles and divisions proffering their hypotheses. in cracked coffee cups and broken shoe laces.

when had always confounded her. if had never made much sense. but now. now was incredibly aggressive.

the choke of the road stiffened. too far she thought as she went further. gravity's bile bubbled up inside her. the intersection yawned as she approached.

u-turns are to be expected.

just one more traveller pretending to know where she's going.

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