Sunday 7/05/2015 11:38:00 PM

the wind never listens when we ache for change. the road wrinkles. the distance yawns. we are taken. seduced by circumstance. raped by chance.

speed seldom notices. we are orphans. the taper of the flame is our guidepost. the rumor of its warmth is our destination.

the pictures take us. the wink of the moment like some poisonous adhesive. spoils the memories with expectations.

the past has its needles. the future has its threads. diligent demigods in their faltering heavens.

we wait for the bridges to close. then they finally do. and we begin again. waiting for them to open.

the theory absolves us. the silence roars in the dark. a monster and a child. a fever without a cure.

we wallow the in the theory of rescue. we drown in the notion of god.

the reluctant rain whispers. the anxious hour plots. tattered maps drawn in earnest sickness.

the distance has claws. but only time has teeth.

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