Wednesday 4/15/2015 12:20:00 AM

the distance doesn't change. only the ways in which we measure it. our speed is constant. it's the terrain that varies.

time became. all vanishing points and crisis. shaky sketches in pastels and watercolor. the manic art of humility and surrender. like all love is.

shadows followed. relentless phantoms in the egress of her thoughts. miles unfolded. crisp and virulent. the fevered virus of life.

she took the turns. or so she thought. grieving in the creases of her tattered maps. touch a ratio. trust a constant. her math crumbling. a quiet inferno. all saltwater taffy and bitten fingernails.

the journey was. had always been. a treason of choices. all stale bread and paper cuts.

no hope of starvation. only the lingering famine.

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