Wednesday 4/29/2015 12:43:00 AM

The organism is when. irrevocably evolving. the traffic is a kingdom. An aggregate of intentions.

asking us to choose. which darkness. and how deep into it we'll go. 

the distance followed. scarce and adamant. spent explosives in the renaissance of her discontent.

She went too far. Such is her nature. Desperate to tame the chase. Prove its incompetence.

 slake the thirst of time with empty buckets. 

every moment. all monsters and thieves. in their tattered sundresses. she negotiates the distance. in sober rations and drunken curves.

stab the wind and hope for blood.

The places changed. The roads forgot. the students of skin. the scholars of the heart. the disciples of if.

all of them were wrong. 

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