Wednesday 2/04/2015 12:33:00 AM

the light melts. warm and soft. an unfolding of electrons in an infinite cascade.

the cold pretends. the darkness insists. flesh stutters. bones wait.  blood is a skeptical engine in this failing machine. 

the corner turns. the molecule is creased. we follow the path. life is defiant. matter concedes.

the moment is blunt. the memory is sharp. fidgets and lightning arguing inside a plastic cup. the world is a song. but the music has stopped.

echoes and naught. metal and glass. a contradiction of sounds. both patient and hopeless.

bodies. a cacophony of cells. broken baskets coddling their rotten eggs. the tumble of how. thick like molasses. the fantasy of when. sweet like pollen. frantic neurons. honeybees consumed by the flower. the science of time. frayed pages and blunt pencils. a stout nightmare balanced on waking's edge.

we are color. we are want. weak acids harvesting the scabs.

soft margins spoil the distance.  sharp angles manipulate the math. while we struggle with the map. 

weak predators all dressed up for the hunt. the retching geometry of surrender. the lingering ghosts in these temporary utopias.

the question chokes on the answer.

and I let it die there.

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