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Distance Over Time
Thursday 1/01/2015 12:05:00 AM

frost scrapes like scabs from the windows. the blood is forgotten. the wound is not. the cold comes in doses. an impotent medicine for a glorious disease. the bleak astronomy of flesh in foul puddles and empty needles.

a dismal rapture. a furious discontent.

a perversion of intimacy more predator than prey.

the gray creases in her voice. the soft perforations in her consent. choices more marathon than sprint.

the anatomy of when. all lightning bolts and teddy bears. whispering their bones. fragments of time. descontructed. the ample witch. the frail protagnoist. hollow in his manufactured purpose.

a sturdy weakness.presses deep. all spiders and bricks. a storm that makes no sound.

fractured images. in prude's lipstick and whore's pantyhose.  the  mind's stalwart ghosts haunting all the wrong places.

a deaf universe hardly listening. as the heavy hours wick.

a stumbling flame. a broken window. a petulant winter. thick with choices.


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