Wednesday 12/17/2014 12:09:00 AM

time's lingering frostbite. the bitter certainty in the cyclical void. quiet songs make their choices from among seldom hellos.  it's the horizon she says. with its scowling eyes. that makes me feel so small and everything seem so far away.

it's all seeds. they sprout. they grow. they die. we gather. we forget. we are taken, spent and used. a gorgeous suicide.

she doesn't know. never has. the hours come. like bits of glass digging into her thoughts. there's no blood. just waiting. for the ache to breathe.

it's all chemicals. we crave. we love. we are broken. a captivating cycle of destruction.

the angle is obtuse. the path is brief. there is very little story. and far too much tragedy.

the reaction is in the meeting. the suffering is in the chemistry.

she looks for something to hold. the atoms or the molecule. but everything is huge.

she waits for someone to know.

she's still waiting.

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