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Alcoholic Poet. Poetry Equals Distance Over Time.

Distance Over Time
Monday 11/17/2014 12:07:00 AM

quiet volcanoes tame the friction.

the interrupted circuit. the composite man. all echo and thumbs. in creases familiar, but unnatural. tepid goddesses in their unicorn robes. discovering everyting. finding no one.

the electricity knows. energy accelerates. matter is enhanced. the shapes coalesce. stubborn attractions spoil the expermient.

the word is driven. the flesh is spent. the sober chaos. the high zen. borrowed, bled and bankrupt.

small gods construct their paradise in wine and cigarettes. the simple mistakes that once made us  whole. like hunningbirds and plastic soldiers. left out in the sun.

the war pauses. anticipating our surrender.

we screan, though gravity is deaf. we break, though impact is limitless.

equations. the simple monsters that define us. unresolved.


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