Tuesday 10/21/2014 12:00:00 AM

hours filter through the noise. all cliffs and parachutes. opening at random. the evidence stiffens. the colors solidify. gravity whispers. like a fever coming undone.

conscripted by choices. the yellow of patience sweet and rich like melting butter.

the diagram is feeble. our speed is untrue. where is relative. how is brutal. the anatomy of when in pins and needles. the body is a student. touch is the test.

the distance stutters. a wholly inadequate protagonist. the story lurches forward. starving for a decent villain.

she drowns in the shallow. empty epiphanies collapse. dwindling pavement. and fickle traffic lights. take us closer to perpendicular.

no more gentle parallels.

she knows the way. the obvious path. but it's weak..tears likes paper.

she is the map. all permanent ink and empty folds.

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