Tuesday 9/09/2014 12:33:00 AM

taut division. lapsed space curdles. goes sour. makes us sick. such is the nature of flesh. it rots. and is replaced. by new diseases.

every touch is a vaccine. a shadow of the illness. to convince us that we are getting better.

the math can't be trusted. it's too literal.

all wind and thunder as the weather swells. our fading islands just another bit of emotional trivia.

the open window. the heavy ladder. the climb to questions hardly worth the trip. missing places on a fading map.

tenative paths through the cull of condition.

she clutches the moon. old friends in new disguises. the arrogance of truth. imagining it knows us.

the cold. winter blinks and we see summer. but it doesn't see us.

the cold pretends. though blindness is its greatest strength. the cold laughs as the angles attempt to justify.

the road narrows. perspective is crippled.

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