Thursday 7/31/2014 12:16:00 AM

 hungry corners consume the fallow meat. christened by alone. simple numbers. complex equations. under the yoke of reality. the dead only whisper.

the slope. desperate angles that reason with the skin. animals with their claws removed still scratching at the glass.

the lingering path that draws us. stabbing at the empty page. like so many broken pencils.

the dream woke her up. as dreams are sometimes wont to do. the stern wisdom of distance flickering like a dying lamp.

the journey took her. as they often do. every mile a dagger. the destination painfully blunt.

whispering skin. so loud. deaf fingers groping to hear it.

she goes too far. that is her intention. butterflies in the road. painting their wings.

the colors. the weather. the moment. unstable isotopes in a molecular conceit.

love scrapes. sandpaper confessions. the body accomodates. the sweet espionage of a kiss. eventually  betrays.

it's the small  battles that break us.

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