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Distance Over Time
Saturday 6/28/2014 10:10:00 PM

the world ends in torn paper and faded ink. all nicked skin and bruised bones. time pants and snarls. a wolf on a chain. consumed by the scent of the meat. all ripe apples and sour candies. the garden forgets. the footprints remain.

we toil in our indecision for what seems like eternity. sick with each moment. poisoned by hope. the edge tempting some vague vaccine.

just red. needles and pins. stubborn skin whispering stories. in blood and infection.

the years betray. touch is a treason.

the world ends in pencil and crayons. a puzzle of colors. as loud as it is complicated.

all her fickle dolls. sing their chorus of when. apathy's obvious detours. the lilting lyric of surrender. each is perfect in its own way.


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