Tuesday 6/03/2014 12:40:00 AM

candy coated darwins in their velvet shoes. reluctantly play the mockingbird to a long series of quiet apocalypses. in circles we navigate. the blind changing lanes. through black mirrors and pale saviors.

the yellow. the crumbling narrow. sharp like dice. as the final bet cuts the fetlt. the impossible. the distance more promise than truth. liars and madmen. like ragged garland and sour rice.

a thoughtless parade. ripe with conditions. green gods in their fraying capes carefully name each sin.

alone in needles. the darkness in stitches. gropes for the knots we've left slip.

she screams, but most people are deaf. they can't listen. even if they wanted to.

stout leashes and stilted confessions are the poetry of addiction. the bones bend. the skeleton stretches. each of us. a feather in a vaccum.

a stone splitting the water. ready to drown.

she whispers. because quiet is incredibly loud..

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