Wednesday 4/30/2014 12:38:00 AM

the surface echoes in a smooth chorus of what has been. the wind laughs at our rigid paths. the road shakes its fist at the obstinate itinerary of touch.

the flow of the atoms. a fierce current. unseen waterfalls. the art of drowning shits out its portrait.

the journey whispers. the distance chokes. the farther i go. the closer i get.

the machine. the moving parts. metal gods and gasoline ghosts. raiding the attic for discarded playthings.

a broken lock. a rotting door. all the windows missing.

the skid. the abrupt end. the tread. the signs. navigating the past. a maze of empty syringes. that still reek of paradise.

the reaction. the pantomime. asphalt and condoms in a sweet slurry. a vortex of skin dares her to remember.

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