Saturday 3/15/2014 12:59:00 AM

failing skins. dwindling bridges of flesh. the rupture. the gap. hysterical with gravity. and the frail partitions that separate the cold and the heat. the blunt pen. spoiled with ink. confident in the epiphany of stagnation. the order in the chaos. the madness in reason's wrinkles.

the choice becomes us. stabs of time. an avalanche of confessions. the murder of mirrors. in beautiful graves. dew drops on the concrete. giggle like school girls after the rape.

burnt wicks push the flame. the seldom geometry of touch. hard angles scrape soft faces. the volume. the capacity of us. pinholes in the cloud cover. knotted strings beaten by the wind. the frenzy of her. all color and needles. hope as much a vaccine as it is a cancer.

the blinking embers only listen. the choking storm only stares. it always ends as it begins. in darkness.

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