Sunday 3/02/2014 12:32:00 AM

these simple monsters flaunt their math. in stutters and coughs. flesh as blind as the rest of these bodies are. now that the world is ending. as it always does. dead leaves. and brown grass. the vast fields where we disappear. the endless cooridors that fizzle and simmer. pretending that we ever were.

pin pricks in a heavy veil. the grim algebra of touch.  the lonely nucleus of when. in a feverish array of broken atoms. the science of surrender is well documented.

the angles of a woman. soft and sharp. and so addictive.

the cut. the wound's precision. the sharp claws of paradise. almost gone.

the heavy blunt of cracked dolls. their frozen fists clutching absent gods.  the frantic stabs of potential lovers. a sharp mosaic of flesh. grouted in blood.

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