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Distance Over Time
Thursday 1/02/2014 12:22:00 AM

the end stumbles. the beginning vomits. the purchase of hours a fierce debate. in rivers of now. in oceans of when. and life. the inadequate vessel with which we attempt to navigate. counting out loud. stroking the numbers. the yellow tendrils of choice. propagating like so many weeds.

there are gaps. a spectacle of flesh. like dead bulbs still humming with the electric. the years swallow and chew. torn lips and broken teeth. determined to consume what meat is left. on the spoiling carcasses of our happiness.

she'll only sometimes listen. when the silence overwhelms. purple nightmares that awaken just under the skin. jagged mazes that always solve to the edge.

bickering angles in the creases of her lips. all the words fall into them. all the world catches in their depths. a sweet honey pot overflowing with piss. the map is altered. rare choices pound their fists.

the sober argument of yesterday scream their dying whispers.

open wounds flaunt their art. the body is the ultimate truth. the end. and the beginning. the sunken clock in the absense of gravity.

soft sketches. faint pencil marks. trace the world in numbers scarred. the peculiar science of broken hearts. sharp blades measure the void. in shallow cuts.

the rain gives chase. as the winter consumes. falling menaces. changes. like hollow bones. continue to resist.

warm meat still against the bone. pulls against the fangs. but eventually is consumed.

tender corners in this stubborn prison. bend, but do not give.

Νικόλας Τσάρας said...

very beautiful gongrats for you blog

alcholic poet said...

thanx. i appreciate it.

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