Thursday 1/23/2014 11:59:00 PM

the solvent accord. death is much too patient a friend. numbers sweat. years listen. the orbit is resolved. the gravity is stubborn. no sober heroics. nor broken rubber bands. will alter the course. each night the war occurs. every morning it ends.

teeth in the wind. chew. gnaw. rarely swallow. hunger's place is far outside this shrinking crucible of paper hearts..

she digs. as if the path has a motive. she digs because the struggle seduces. graves resonate with hope. the promise of the end. a distant Eden ripe with murder.

shallow cuts diminish the skin. the ostentatious circus of touch. spoils everything.

the curtain. the snow and ice. the weather decides us. in suffocating storms. and the depths of our shovels. as we dig through a mountain of moments in search of a path. blades cut the winter. but it's only we who are bled. carve the sun. ambivalent monsters. dead switches.

we wear the nails. we thirst for the hammer. as the structure comes undone. soft walls divide us. a glimpse of light briefly splits years of darkness.

the hollow resonance of wolves and piglets. a broken fairy tale. desperate for a moral that isn't present.

the shelter. the simple math. of complex conditions. the Doppler effect. the echo of surrender. when there's nothing left to want.

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