Tuesday 11/05/2013 12:35:00 AM

severed jaws.flaunt their fractured words.

choices. their bright alarm. the prison of if. soft and sticky.

her crayons on empty paper. her voice. dull blades and thick bruises. the anatomy of trust overwhelms. wolves and woodsmen. and rotten picnics. the autumn. virulent ghosts. spoil her surrender.

there's only light because i've forgotten the darkness. bald seams on the throat of the universe. beg to bleed. the cripple of how. in sparse raindrops. draws useless treasures in broken glass. pauses stab. punctuating the loss. befriended by the abyss. the edge coughs. succumbs to the sickness.

the hours find gravity in strokes  and nods. the stubborn diseas that is life. eventually resolves to needles and tourniquets. the blade yawns. and effortlessly swallows the clown.

the future whimpers. terrified by the questions. the numbers tremble. more scab than skin.
familiar monsters. grow comfortable in their frowns.

just the bridge for as far as I can see it. just this flesh. drawing its awkward maps. to all the places we'll never go.

waking up still in the dream.stealing the exit from aging ghosts.

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