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Distance Over Time
Saturday 11/09/2013 12:24:00 AM

the primer. the scrape of gravity. the freedom of falling. the rain. the heavy bucket. full of holes as it is. to hold. or to glimpse. the fury of when. time in pleats. the world in bends. blunt bandages on festering wound. the fever of if. like knots in broken skin.

time's casual innuedno. numbers scribbling on the base of the brain. its trembling cycle of repetition. dark. light. dark again. the bald mechanics of when. in a fury of subtraction. a seizure of moments.  always hungry to swallow us.

wearing the needle. murdering the monster. as if we were once whole. or could ever be again.warm graves. and the sharp knives that dug them. the soft horizon. the sloping surrender of touch. as the words confess us.

a checkboard of lovers. pretends the queen. a backgammon of touches. barters her breath.

the end overwhelms. tortoises retrace their steps. a slow race backward to victory. falling feels just like flight. without the heavy burden of wings.


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