Thursday 10/17/2013 11:50:00 PM

such is the child. such are the atoms. as divided as they've been. the yellow king. his crown all drenched in red.

the machine wheezes and weeps. choking on time. the monsters evolve. and we become them.
she closes her eyes. deep in flower petals and strangers. the weight of when. swaying like a pendulum. refusing to wait another minute.

the war teases its end. in fumbled kisses. and hollow dresses.

careless goodbyes. hungry pauses.

we perish everyday. in an apocalypse of skin. always repeating.

chalk in the rain. decimals in the math. dwindling remainders. as the sky turns to look at us. all wind and rain and gravity. the sober science of when. eventually betrays.

stealing a path from within the silence. the skeleton dances to the flesh's fading songs. free at last.
we like to pretend there are monsters to blame. but we're always alone in this.

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