Tuesday 10/15/2013 11:54:00 PM

scrape the cement. in butterfly sneezes and ticks of how. solve the edge with veins and vomit. commit to the destruction of all your bridges. cut off the tail. wait for it to regenerate. such is the monsters we are. dead things stranded in the gouges of time. pressing the creases. hoping the paper won't forget.

broken levers give chase. dull blades strain to listen. as the silence consumes.

a pandemonium of skin overwhelms her. and she drowns in the experience.

patterns and puzzles. the plastic wagers of trust. undo the knots that keep us.

the darkness exhales. arrogant monsters stretch the edges. of tired mountains and swollen missives. want is a stone. choice is a fist. everything else is glass.

that pause in the black that always seems to want us. that melting ice behind the veneer of her smile.

the intense rupture of the journey. as it spills into every footstep. an ongoing hemorrhage of moments. until, at last.

there is nothing left.

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