Friday 9/20/2013 12:17:00 AM

the solvent angles. the disruptive scars. the ugly medicine. simple volcanoes of skin. quietly erupting. the end of the world. in slipss of paper. and blunt scissors.

arrogant artists. a confession of colors. the monster. teases the paper clip. the numbers wear her. nervous confessions. more sidewalk than distance. ample thieves. negotiate the sun. hungry kings name their prices. as low as it is.

the waiting always suited her. the beautiful temptation. tomorrow. farther. always farther away.

colors counting out loud. a slender rope knotted at both ends. the taste of if sweetly sour. the girth of how overcomes her. the slight of when all too sober.

the stubborn motors of abandoned time machines. scavenge their fuel from every infection. the blood draws its maps. in soft scabs. we are the disease. broken butterflies flaunt their sneezes. the world chews on and chokes on us. the empty poison of trust not withstanding.

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