Monday 8/19/2013 12:43:00 AM

bend the wind. angles stark with choice. beat the air. with trembling whispers. time travels us. in jokers and discards. the stubborn wagers of flesh. keeping count. the weight of one petal heavier somehow than the entire flower. the strangle of the path. in ribbons easily undeone.

the disease stutters. more helpless than the victim. quiet wrapped in pillows of blood and piss.

simple edges convince the scars. absent blood and stiff with husteria. her hollow dress teases the wind. haunted by the ghost of a pesron she once was.

the machine churns. noisy and ignorant. measuring the void in dirty panties. life is paper. blood our only ink. as we beg for the stories to remember us.

the hungry quake. the nervous surrender. broken faces on the quivering distance. we travel so far to find the beginning. only to be taken by the end.

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