Wednesday 8/07/2013 12:12:00 AM

crippled dogs. bent fangs arguing with the darkness. stony barks punctuate the abyss. between this night and tomorrow. the withered world trundles in and out. in a hiss of choices. she watches herself. from a distant perch. resenting thr stranger that owns her face.

cold buttons pressed deep on hot machines. the limp of chaos catching up. as we stumble toward the margins. the dull pastels of victims. softly reiterating fading bridges. muted echoes spilling over with color. hungry portraits with their teeth in the steel.

quiet monsters tell their stories in folds of skin. and little wrinkles in time. colorless rainbows chase the sun.  pretending to know. the fractions.  that devour the distance.

there is infinite math in every breath. an eternity of subtracting, multiplying and division. the bashful needle of addition not dismissed. the pages crease. and the ink stains. withering biographies overtake earnest flesh.

time's engine sputters. overcome by the distance.

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