Thursday 8/01/2013 11:59:00 PM

swollen tongues. blizzards in flesh. the adamant angle of trust. so severe. soft wings. lapping at the wind. parched stories tell her. in fits of thirst and panics of hunger.

the quiet beasts. the small wounds. that fester to infection. such as we are. will always be. a labor of diseases. swimming just below the surface. cracked syringes drowning in the vaccine.

the obvious math of strangers. reciprocity's stale lament. all her fractions weighted. templates in the skin. chase in empty fists. closed doors whisper. and windows scream. while all these deaf hours remain oblivious.

the quiet collaboration. tender ghosts shuffle their bandages. gambling scabs for flesh. it's a hollow journey. naked bones that thoughtlessly echo every vacant step. the patterns twist and choke. a careless series of tourniquets.

a life of shallow middles. a suicide of edges.

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