Monday 8/12/2013 12:48:00 AM

paper faces crease and shiver. she traces the edge. a desperate tumult of colors suffocating in darkness. origami skin transforms. the deceptively simple art of lovers. muted storms rattle the glass. stretching gravity taut.

simple derivatives. colors confess. burning houses still ripe with poets. aching attics pale with surrender. she has her words. seldom more. falling speculates. of mice and men. the dull stab of ample bridges. too easily undone.

building the center. layering scabs like paper mache. sculpting the monsters. with poison and indifference. a bald ocean offering to drown us. an empty vessel threatening to float.

using the distance. in hungry stabs. and shallow cuts. inertia extracting just enough blood. to feed the ghosts.

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