Sunday 6/23/2013 12:43:00 AM

these expired dreams linger still. the solvent aristocracy of flesh not withstanding. the shaking wolf with tender fangs. still devours. hungers the sames as any ordinary beast. a crest of skin. a tsunami of moments. a flood of birth amongst a chaos of death.

each lover to be worn. in button holes and zippers. undone. the fit of the hour dependent upon axiomatic encounters.

the fading bulb. tells its stories to the dim. the dull pencil draws its images deeper into the pages.

spoiled by the machine. eager to go back. negotiate with the hours and the minutes. carelessly adrift in an ocean of lovers.

tepid trials. the coin barely flipped. one choice divisible by a series of strangers. her ruptured future. more pus than blood. .

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