Monday 6/10/2013 11:56:00 PM

heavy scars like soup and bones. spoiling. the lost meat lingering. steeping in the foul baths of frail wars. the deaf soldiers of skin. and our words' blind warriors. perishing together in their thirsty apocalypse. patiently waiting. for our pencils to break. and our blades to bend.

the edges spoil us. with rabid temptations. consequence on the other side of dense walls.

sober songs put her to sleep. an invasion of flesh. more curtain than wizard. the fairy tale choking on the science. as the space comes forward to define us. so small we are. in the shadow of these crippled clouds. all empty limbs and weighted weapons. drag marks in the sand revealing the arc of our crawl.

quiet guesses. with their teeth in the bone. a thready rebellion of whispers and naked dolls.

the storm arises suddenly. the slumbering apocalypse. the end of the world in her fist. salt and atoms  dancing their last waltz. the space between us breathes. growing the disease that once was us.

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