Friday 6/28/2013 11:53:00 PM

the jagged slope. the blissful descent. all voice. no eyes. as the darkness reasons with the nearing edge. these soldiers staid. pendulum whispers and siren skin. time gives chase. in a marathon of choices. the hours ignite. and we are content to burn. for the chance to engage the demons.

everything we are is hungry. slopes and daggers. a labyrinth of faces. an echo of colors. as the canvas breathes. her timid predators not withstanding.

the end in whispers. tumbling decimals. defer to the original division. chasing the clones in all directions. gravity shifts to compensate.

broken pencils and empty pens. pursue the king. struggle with the pawns. every breath borrowed. soft motives smuggled and lost. the broken hammer argues with the nails. waiting for the walls to listen.

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