Monday 5/20/2013 12:44:00 AM

grey squares solve her in interrupted algebra. stolen numbers and fugitive colors. stare silently. no words come to rescue. nor heroes dare to save. the bird that cannot fly.

heavy wings beat the darkness. but gravity remains unconvinced.

tomorrow has its stories. frantic fables and lazy lessons. little forests. big children. the epiphany of perspective often stalls at threshold of gods and choices. knotted rubber bans. encompass her words. devilsih time machines. with more irony than wit.

the moment chokes on itself. an awkward suicide of symptons. the sickness turns on itself. another hungry paradise bares its fangs. listens for the blood.

she simmers and listens. an empty tea kettle left on the heat. boiling over with nothing.

the hours like brutal soldiers.

she trembles and quakes. a dead leaf codemned to the fists of the wind.


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