Sunday 5/05/2013 11:59:00 PM

titled squares. heavy angles. the math is soft. the flesh evolves in stiff calendars. not counting. just listening as everything happens. an empty chessboard. deaf rules waiting on the shouts of war.

fraying dolls. with their breadcrumbs in their aprons. chasing lost in all directions.

the sweet ghost heaved in bricks and stone. stumbles into her box of words. a paisley of confessions. and awkward glances. time hiccups. its useless song often repeating. until no one hears it.

simple doors with intricate windows. it's the future that solves for the past. that's the physics of humanity.

soft villains in their hard faces wait for the lazy alarm. the only rule is that we are always going, but never get there.

tangents spoil the anthem. of salted gods and stubborn madmen. that rattle in the graveyards of the ugly and the timid. innocent treasures best left behind.

diminished by the curiosities of touch.

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