Monday 3/11/2013 12:59:00 AM

travelled by confession. colorful bruises mark the moment. the proctors of skin abiding lightly. the end of the world squirming in her fist. tales told. races finished. a morality of circumstances.

she is told in short stories and long poems. a thick scar running from marrow to surface. life chases. the naked fluctuates. painted portions and hungry boasts. solve the riddle in lipstick words.

the negative rises up. taking its shape. like so many soldiers. a quiet war that takes place within. an army of soft pencils.

draw their outlines.

and wait.

for the colors fill them.

the predator prepares. folded napkins and sparkling glassware. a very civilized murder.

seizing the drum. fingers sway the origins of dogma. the weight of dolls like panicked windows. the abrupt weather. stifles. measures. missing doors.

the child. carries the wolf in her pocket. fangs and all.

grey stories negotiate the hours. in straw and swords. time takes its captives.flesh builds its dungeons.

the moment is all that we are.

a tempest of thieves still loyal to the shit of dogs.

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