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Distance Over Time
Monday 3/04/2013 01:28:00 AM

tense solid and bright. the static in her fist tremulous and excited. a rusting sword. in a dying war. a  sleeping song.  in an old woman's head.

teasing the wolf. with bits of straw and pork. a curios device. this living. this funnel of flesh. swallowing life in huffs and snorts. it always changes. sharp pencils hunt the ovals. the answers more collapse than bridge. the absolute of touch spoiling all expectations.

faces far too heavy. the timeline shudders. stiff with nervous arithmetic. a series of terrible lies and beautiful ones. mingle. like birth control for thoughts.

miniscule autumns burst from the winter. with sharp claws unwilling to retract. Talcomed dolls slant their hips and laugh. At the things we'll do to perpetuate fairy tales.

a malady of monsters. tries her on. a soft skeleton. a rigid skin. finds its way inside. the consent of war. stirs the pot. defers to the withces. of so many candy houses long gone. 

sleepless men argue with the wormholes. the pale art of want. in faded dishrags and barbed confesssions. soft drizzle stirs hints of  freedom.

she leans into the storm. seducing the destruction. from empty bottles and broken windows.


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