Thursday 2/21/2013 01:19:00 AM

paper skin. devours pencil thoughts. an array of methods. terminal. a receptacle of wrong. overflowing. the spoils of darkness. ambivalent to the void. the weight of carbon. a sweet drug that sours fast. the humble of suffocation. in bouts with god. and explorations of heaven.

the monster in pastels. fetches the song. and we listen. deafened by the an overwhelming silence form within. dull pencils draw their pictures. a convenience of touch. desperate for alternatives.

the winter lingers. more addiction than condition. the cold infects. heavy bricks on her measure. ripe animals on the tips of their claws. more frigid than color. as the template begin to break.

Yellow like the kiss of distant lovers. blue like the hunger that follows such encounters. measuring  life by the chase of crippled predators. alive by death's indifference.

a decimal in a madness of skin. chasing the whole. assuming it  remembers.

an hour in the courtesy of skin. pretending to feel. deepening graves.

the spoil of a lantern. the choke of a candle. pressing the darkness to speak.

lying. saying it is the same. knowing it isn't.

running with scissors. one stab at a time. concealing the bomb. in expectations. the parody of when. finds the stage empty. a forfeit of dialogue. heavy with bruises.

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