Wednesday 2/13/2013 01:55:00 AM

chalk eyes and blackboard lips. waiting for the world to end. in breadboxes and melted chocolates. the power went out and we scorned the trembling darkness. made it feel small. entertained ourselves watching it weep.

wait for us. we are slow. though the world is swift. telling stories in the interim. as if time is only still a child. thick with peanut butter and piss. an equation solved by simple division.

wait for us. let the words catch up. weak predators on the thigh of the moon. arranging the bones and vomit. the clouds heavy on their backs.

she wakes. again and again. inside the mania of trying to be someone. or failing that. something to to someone else.

heavy ladels. hot with the parity of truth. dissonant drugs. fetching paradise from excrement. choices. like bleating engines and stricken machines. condemned to the moment of ignition.

wizened narrators with broken tongues. the feeble chaos that would pretend loyalty. beautiful stories drenched in blood.

soft fists against the glass. not echoing.

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