Monday 2/11/2013 01:15:00 AM

the muscle. the bone. this homogenous epiteth of labor. more sex than skin. a plateau of poisons. each one weaker than the last. the curdling storm collapses upon the land. sour winds whisper hungry words upon starving breath.

wind and warts and gelid vengeance. a feast of resentment nourishes the unfed.

timid like the first flame before it had a chance to burn. loud now. a searing prison of escape and fetid ambilvalence.

the theater of her skin. poets and madmen. in a war neither can win. the ransom her will. paid in full. quite worthless.

the strays. the feral orphans of battle. dress and humility stipulated. the weather. the blizzards. outside and within. parallel. a cold world. ripe with ends.

simple gods flaunt their menial effects. love, hope and happines. and other such dismal miracles. impotent saviors. bleed their worth. in enduring fictions.

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