Saturday 2/09/2013 01:31:00 AM

the machine chokes to life. gasping for movement amongst the vast corruption of art. the tempting delusion that this ache is something greater than simple weakness.

the numbers truss her. legs in the air. a fever of science easily extinguished by the consent of colors.

time travels quickly. urgent in its plight. time travels through us. long needles steeped in failing poisons.

the world arrives in stumbles. tripping over itself to know her. heavy robes with loose sashes. and the petulant naked they are want to expose.

she's quite content with the ugly. as far as appearances are given to go. forks in the pudding. spoons in the meat. maybe we went too far. just because we were able to. or it might be that we never even came close.

skin evolves. in howls and surrenders. the patterns of broken skin. own the blood.

time travels as it always does. disregarding. the stubborn of speech. the dowry of touch. its intrepid machine. heavy with numbers. arrogant equations. more kindling than flint.

there is no test. no grim confessor. only the monsters already made.

the dry match that strikes the impotent flame. the heavy turbine that swallows the years.

the frayed hem of her dress. indicating where she's knelt.

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