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Distance Over Time
Saturday 1/26/2013 12:29:00 AM

numbers. math. the transient parable. short sticks. long tunnels. expansion concedes. gravity wins. a lopsided division of labor. the strongest forces of physics defeated. the weakest dominating. losing to the simple.

struck by the shutter principle. no light. no windows. cannot see.

solvent sternums broach the oxygen. we breathe. arrogant with atmosphere. assuming it is ours to keep. tepid dragons swallow sword.

miles like rape victims. spread their legs and let us go too deep.

the manner evolves as much as the moment does. slender threads chase the needle's arc. searching for soft peaks in a landscape that is always hard. righting the stories. both in grammar and in cost. the tepid mortgages of skin defaulted.

some distance is to be expected. the universe being as large as it is.

time. intimate buttons press the machine forward. the staircase chokes. on the vacuous assembly of faces. the ladder. swelling rungs. ache for measure. in a frenzy of scales.

shuttered windows at the intersection. where doorways bark and time is bitten. beautiful strays seduced by our garbage.

quiet monsters try on our empty skins. a better fit. a swollen precision.

she takes comfort in her broken gods. as powerless as they are.

it's always sharp.


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